Whole-House Rehabs

Restore places for people to thrive

Vacant, abandoned, and dilapidated housing destroys neighborhoods and hope.  While there is a huge demand for decent affordable housing in Evansville, our city is suffering from a shocking surplus of abandoned and dilapidated houses.

Community One acquires, renovates, and transforms dilapidated houses into safe, beautiful, energy efficient, and affordable homes for new neighbors to purchase.

We do this by mobilizing volunteers, partnering with contractors and suppliers, and investing resources from community partners and generous individuals.  

Will you join us?

You can help reduce dangerous blight, create new affordable housing options, improve neighborhoods, and build relationships with your neighbors!  


Before Demolition

710 Front

During Restoration


Complete Transformation

I was given the opportunity to serve and live out my faith by giving my time and energy to those who need it.

-Volunteer who served on a whole-house rehab project

Vacant and dilapidated housing destroys neighborhoods and hope. Dilapidated houses are acquired, completely gutted, and fully restored by volunteers and contractor partners. Restored homes are sold affordably to new neighbors. Whole-house rehabs transform a house, but they also bring relief and hope to the entire block around them.

Steps in the whole-house rehab process include:


Community One acquires a dilapidated house suitable for rehab through donation, private sale, or tax sale.


Community One leads individual volunteers, groups, and licensed professional contractors to completely gut and fully restore the home.

Title Restoration

Community One works with a real estate attorney to clear the title to the property so the house can be sold and insured.


The home is listed on MLS by our real estate partner. Prospective homebuyers are directed to partners for counseling, down payment assistance, and low-income mortgage options.


The home is sold affordably to a low-to-moderate income homebuyer. The proceeds of the sale are returned to Community One and invested in the next project.

We intentionally focus our whole-house rehab efforts where other development is underway so the overall impact is multiplied by the work of other nonprofit organizations, corporations, and local government.