Neighborhood Revitalization

Revitalize the community together

Every neighborhood has its own unique assets and challenges. But most people – regardless of where we live – want the same things for our homes, families, and neighborhoods. 

Community One brings together residents and community stakeholders to create positive and sustainable change in neighborhoods built on the passions and dreams of the neighbors who live there.  

We help neighbors love their neighbors AND neighborhoods!

Will you join us?

It takes everyone, working together, to create systemic change in neighborhoods. Will you join this movement to create real and lasting change in our city? Get connected today!

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Community One is the lead agency for my neighborhood…For them, it is all about the residents – what they want, what they need, and helping their ideas become the reality. I know it is not always easy working with all the personalities found in a neighborhood, but they do it with patience, empathy, and grace. You guys are fantastic! Thank you for everything you do for our neighborhood!

-Neighborhood leader who is being the change they want to see in their neighborhood

Neighborhood revitalization is a facilitated process where residents and stakeholders work together towards a shared vision. It transforms neighborhoods into communities that offer hope and the opportunity for a better life. Community One convenes and coaches neighborhoods through this process over extended periods of time.


Residents are the experts of their neighborhoods. Most neighborhood strengths, challenges, hopes, and dreams can be identified by them. Neighbors are the greatest asset of any neighborhood. Their voice must be at the center of any effective asset-based community development initiative.


After listening, different priorities emerge. These priorities are documented and published in a quality-of-life plan with strategies and goals. The quality-of-life plan becomes an actionable playbook for the neighborhood and its’ partners. This brings alignment and focus to neighborhood efforts.


Listening and documenting priorities is meaningless unless dreams become reality. Action must follow! Action brings credibility to the claim that change is within reach for residents. It is important to celebrate short-term wins while medium-to-long term solutions are executed over time.


Failing is criticized too harshly. Failing is acceptable – as long as you measure, adjust, and try again! Measuring is essential to neighborhood revitalization. It tells us if our investments of time, talents, and resources are making the difference we hoped to make.

In addition to our lead agency work in the Tepe Park neighborhood, we are working on a bigger neighboring movement in Evansville by creating a neighborhood revitalization framework called Love Your Neighborhood.