Vision + Mission

At Community One, we transform the city of Evansville from the inside out by helping neighbors love neighbors.

We do this by connecting and mobilizing people from every corner of the community to serve one another through tangible acts of love. By coming together and helping one another, every neighbor and neighborhood can experience social, physical, and spiritual restoration.

Through every program, Community One is committed to:

Connect and mobilize people to serve and love

Provide physical restoration in homes and neighborhoods

Build relationships and community

Demonstrate faith through tangible action


Neighbors Loved.

Community Restored.

Hope Renewed.


To transform the city of Evansville and contribute to the flourishing of its people by empowering neighbors to love their neighbors






Achieving this mission is only possible because of generous supporters, dedicated partners, and caring people who are connected and mobilized through four programs.  Will you join us? 

Learn more about our programs and how you can make a difference in homes, neighborhoods, and the lives of your neighbors!

Empower neighbors to help their neighbors with simple projects

Complete critical repairs that improve the health and safety of neighbors

Transform dilapidated houses into safe, beautiful, and affordable homes

Bring together residents and stakeholders to create positive and sustainable change in neighborhoods