Start loving your neighbors today

Community One connects and mobilizes people from every corner of our community to serve one another through tangible acts of love.

You can put your love into action today! By volunteering with Community One, you can build relationships and community, provide physical restoration in homes and neighborhoods, and share your love with your neighbors.

Learn about different ways you can connect, serve, and love. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

You can love your neighbor today!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors empowers individuals and groups to love their neighbors.  It is creating a movement of love in our community!

Volunteers with Neighbors Helping Neighbors choose from a variety of simple projects to help a neighbor. Projects include things like raking leaves, picking up a prescription, repairing a leaky faucet, or simply making a friendly phone call. With a wide variety of projects available, there is something for every skill set, time commitment, or budget!

Will you put your love into action today? 

Whole-House Rehabs

Abandoned houses destroy neighborhoods and hope, but you can help!

Whole-house rehab volunteers and partners help restore dilapidated, abandoned houses into affordable, energy-efficient, beautiful homes for new neighbors. These volunteer opportunities are great for individuals, groups, skilled tradespeople, or others looking to restore the community in a way that has a tangible and lasting impact.

One-time or regular volunteer opportunities include:

  • Weekly Wednesday and Saturday work crew
  • Construction Material Pickup and Delivery

Will you restore homes and hope? View our calendar for upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Neighborhood Revitalization

You can partner to transform neighborhoods!

Community One brings together residents and stakeholders to create positive and sustainable change in neighborhoods built on the passions and dreams of the neighbors who live there. Neighborhood revitalization partners come in all shapes and sizes – individuals, groups, businesses, and nonprofits can all contribute to the transformation of neighborhoods.

One-time or regular volunteer opportunities include:

  • Attend neighborhood meetings or events to meet your neighbors
  • Join an action team to drive forward neighborhood projects and goals
  • Partner in prayer by participating in prayer walks of the neighborhood

It takes everyone, working together, to create transformational change in neighborhoods.  Will you join this movement to create real and lasting change in our city?

Organizational Support

Looking for other ways to serve with Community One? You can help restore the community together!

You can join us as a prayer partner, provide event support, or arrange refreshments for volunteer crews.  You could help keep our properties mowed, vehicles maintained, and so much more.

Let’s start a conversation and explore opportunities to help you love your neighbors and transform our city! 

Will you join us?