Start with people

Everyone – at one point or another – needs a helping hand from a caring neighbor. And sometimes we can be that caring neighbor to someone else who needs help.

Community One connects and empowers neighbors to love their neighbors by helping with simple projects in their homes and lives.

Our city needs a movement of love. But love is an action word! Whether it is mowing a lawn, helping someone move, or replacing a light bulb, a helping hand from a loving neighbor can show people that they are cared for and not alone. 

Will you join us?

You can put your love into action! Take the first step to connecting with your neighbors today!


For Neighbors:

Neighbors seeking help can utilize the online platform to self-post project requests, provide contact and project information, authorize the sharing of the project with registered volunteers, and release liability for all parties.

Project requests are then placed in a queue to be reviewed by a moderator who ensures the request is filled out properly and can be made available to volunteers.  Approved projects are released by the moderator and posted on the platform for registered volunteers to adopt and complete. 


Projects we CAN make available to volunteers:

  • Basic home repair and maintenance projects for neighbors who own and live in their home
  • Basic yard cleanup, maintenance, landscaping projects, snow removal, or yard barn maintenance
  • Basic transportation needs such as shopping or running errands, offering a ride, picking up an item, or moving assistance
  • Helping hand projects such as technology or paperwork assistance, prayer or encouragement, a friendly phone call or visit, or requests for a prepared meal.

Projects we CANNOT make available to volunteers:

  • Projects outside of Evansville, Indiana
  • Projects on rental properties that require altering the property or are the responsibility of the landlord
    • This includes: interior and exterior painting, gutter cleanout, door hardware repair, toilet or faucet repair, appliance installation, drywall patch, curtain/shelf hanging, stairs/handrail repair, grab bar installation, simple home repairs, landscaping projects, yard barn maintenance, and fence repairs
  • Projects that are too difficult for a typical volunteer to do in under a few hours
    • This includes: projects that require licensed contractors or complex projects such as foundation or structural repairs, roof replacements, or HVAC systems
    • If you have a genuine need and would like to submit a request for a roof repair, HVAC replacement, or wheelchair ramp, fill out the form and a staff member will contact you about your request. Because these projects require dedicated fundraising and cannot be accomplished by volunteers, we can only accept them on a limited basis.

We can post up to 3 projects per household at one time. Projects which are not completed automatically expire after 6 months. Because this is a volunteer-based program, we cannot ensure your project will be completed so it is not best suited for emergency repairs. Additionally, projects are not completed in the order they are submitted, so we encourage you to seek other forms of assistance while you wait for a volunteer to adopt your project.

For Volunteers:

Volunteers are individuals and groups that seek to express their mission by serving through life-on-life connections with neighbors.

All volunteers are required to register on the platform and complete a background screening prior to being given access to the database of projects with neighbor information.  Volunteer registration also includes a waiver and release of liability for all parties.

Once a volunteer is registered and approved, they are empowered to use the platform to search for projects suitable for their skills and resources.  Once a project is identified, the volunteer adopts (reserves) the project, contacts the neighbor directly, completes the project, and then returns to the platform to mark the project as completed. Volunteers are then asked to complete a quick, two minute survey to tell us about their experience.

Even though these projects are simple to complete, they can make a huge difference in the lives of your neighbors. Putting your love into action has never been so easy! You can provide a helping hand to your neighbor, build relationships and community, and provide physical restoration in homes and neighborhoods.

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