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Love Neighbors

Love is at the center

We spend more than two-thirds of our time where we live. That means the condition of our homes and neighborhoods directly impact our health, safety, and quality of life.

Brokenness in the physical environment creates barriers to thriving for our neighbors. We help people, restore homes, and revitalize neighborhoods because we love our neighbors and want to see the people of our city flourish. 

Love is at the center of our work. It always has been. It always will be. 

You have the power to love your neighbors and restore our community. Will you join us?

How do you transform a city from the inside out?

We connect and mobilize people from every corner of our community to serve one another through tangible acts of love. By coming together and helping one another, every neighbor and neighborhood can share and experience social, physical, and spiritual restoration.

Connect and mobilize people to love and serve

Provide physical restoration in homes and neighborhoods

Build relationships and community

Demonstrate faith through tangible action

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Building a movement of love

Everyone — at one point or another — needs a helping hand from a caring neighbor. And sometimes we can be that caring neighbor to someone else who needs help!

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program connects and empowers neighbors to love their neighbors by helping with simple projects in their homes and lives. Put your love into action today!

I need help from a volunteer!

I want to help my neighbor!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Projects




In Progress



A story of restoration and hope

Tepe Park’s neighborhood clubhouse was recently renovated thanks to passionate neighbors, dedicated partners, and caring volunteers. Neighbors have a safe, comfortable, and functional space for gathering and activity now. 

Learn about the impact this project will have for neighbors and their neighborhood!

Upcoming Events

Restoration Tour

Come and learn about the vision of Community One and experience our programs as we look to see neighbors loved, community restored, and hope renewed in Evansville!

Will you join us?

Upcoming Dates: July 24th from 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM.