Hello {{firstName}},

This email is to notify you that your recent project request (Project {{projectNumber}}: {{projectType}}) made on {{projectCreatedDate}} has been approved by Community One staff and is now available for volunteers to adopt.

If a volunteer adopts your project, you will receive an email or phone call from them to schedule a time to help with your project. You must be home when volunteers are there, and you are encouraged to participate in the project as much as you are physically able.

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors program is volunteer-based. That means there is no waiting list or specific order for projects. We also cannot guarantee that your project will be completed. Volunteers select projects that they are able to do based on their experience and resources. Because of that, I encourage you to keep looking for other assistance in the meantime.

If your project is not accomplished in 6 months, it expires from our website. You are welcome to visit our website and post your project again if you’d like.

We welcome the opportunity to pray with you and for you!  If you have any prayer needs, feel free to share them with me directly and our team will pray for you.


Hannah Wehr
Neighboring Program Director