A Letter from Jessica

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Dear friends and partners of Community One,

It is my sincere honor to accept the position as the second Executive Director of Community One. As the organization celebrates TEN years of transformational work in our community, I am humbled to join this mission. Ten years cannot happen without strong leadership, a mission-focused and skilled team, and the support of a passionate volunteer and donor base. I cannot step into this role without acknowledging the exceptional work that has previously gone before me.

To echo my predecessor’s words – leadership is changing, but the mission and vision of Community One remains the same. Together we will go deeper and wider to transform the city of Evansville and contribute to the flourishing of its people by empowering neighbors to love their neighbors. What a simple yet profound mission!


I have loved Community One long before coming to work here. The vision of “Neighbors loved. Community restored. Hope renewed.” makes me smile with excitement and simultaneously catch my breath at the magnitude of work we are called to do together. 

Mobilizing neighbors, churches, and workplaces to love their neighbor is not always easy. As individuals, it can feel overwhelming to know how to make an impact. Having an organization designed for this specific area is revolutionary to transforming our community whether it’s your next-door neighbor or the most disinvested neighborhoods in Evansville. When we love our neighbor, we create a stronger city and build a community where everyone can flourish. Community One has the privilege to act as a catalyst, connector, and coach to help move people into restorative work.

As we journey forward into the next season of Community One, I look forward to connecting with each of you, to visioning with you, to serving with you, and ultimately to loving neighbors with you. If I haven’t already, I would love to connect. Please email me or give me a call at (812) 213-4203.  

I look forward to sharing in this mission together as we seek to love our neighbors,

Jessica Welcher
Incoming Executive Director

 P.S. To learn a little more about me, you can review my bio HERE.

A Letter from Eric


Dear friends and partners of Community One,

Community One is committed to helping neighbors love their neighbors. It has been my honor and joy to launch and lead this organization over the last decade.

As we invested these years together, my wife, Lynda, and I have occasionally wondered when would be the right time for me to pass the baton to a new leader. Through prayer and reflection, we both agree that the time is now. This year, my 10th year, will be my final year with Community One.

This decision was not made quickly or lightly. I also did not decide to step aside to pursue a new role or organization. Instead, my decision is rooted in the strength of Community One, our clarity of vision, an incredible staff, and the overall stability of the organization which is positioned for wider and deeper impact in the years ahead!


To ensure a smooth transition, I have committed to remain fully engaged through the end of 2022 and am working closely with Community One’s transition team and board as we prepare for the next Executive Director. More information and an announcement will be coming soon so stay tuned! It is our hope that this individual will join our team in October, which would allow for a fourth quarter transition of leadership, and I would conclude my service at the end of the year.

My time leading and stewarding Community One through our founding and startup years has been an extraordinary experience. But I am excited about what an energetic and inspiring new leader will bring to the Community One team and mission!

If you have any questions or concerns, I am available to speak with you and so are representatives from our board. Please reach out to me by email or phone to start a conversation.

Please know that I am deeply grateful for each and every person who has served with their hands and hearts, given financial gifts, or partnered to make this high-impact work possible. It is my hope and prayer that you continue to join Community One in making a positive difference in the homes, neighborhoods, and lives of your neighbors!


Eric Cummings
Outgoing Executive Director

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Community One’s staff and board are committed to transforming the city of Evansville from the inside out by helping neighbors love their neighbors! In fact, the clarity of Community One’s vision and overall strength of the organization are two reasons why Eric feels that now is the right time to transition to a new leader that is full of energy and passion for this mission.

Now that Jessica has officially joined Community One as the incoming Executive Director, she and Eric will work closely together throughout the rest of 2022 to ensure a smooth and healthy transition of leadership. Eric will conclude his service at the end of 2022.

If you have questions or concerns, Eric and Jessica are available to speak with you and so are representatives from the Community One Board of Directors. Email Eric, Jessica, or call (812) 213-4202 to start a conversation.